Our Executive Director
Lynn Greenwade
Lynn Greenwade

I am excited to be allowed to go to work each day at such a creative and happy place. In college I majored in education and have a minor in art, even though I cannot draw or paint to save my life. I was a potter way back then; put it on hold for many years and came full circle around to my love for it again a few years ago. Art takes many forms, and I look forward to celebrating all the different types of work created by our members.

I hand build pottery houses, meant for Toads to reside in. I’ve found though, if a fairy gets there first, she puts down a rug and claims the house for her own, so it’s a race between toads and fairies as to who takes possession! I love using different types of texture in my houses, and you may see me prowling the aisles of our local resale looking for items to press into clay. I have made many good friends here in Mena through our mutual love of playing in the clay.

I love to read and swim. I have fur babies who do their best to take the place of the 3 wonderful grown men I raised. I will have music on most times you run into me – bluegrass, folk and 60’s are my favorites.

I especially enjoy hearing the stories our artists have to tell. How did they begin making art? What inspires them now? Once I have their stories, I can pass them on to the folks who enter our door looking for local treasures. Then both the artwork and the story live on.

Our Board of Directors

Chair: Tiffany Lane
Vice-Chair: Linda Ostman
Pamela Bennett
Joe Corcoran
David Maddox
Linda Ostman
Carol Myrick
Trey Youngdahl
Jolynn Vacca
Diane Warren
Tammy Young
Sherry Balkenhol