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  • Niki Dempsey

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    Home is a secluded log cabin in the heavily wooded Ouachita mountains. The surrounding beauty provides me with ample inspiration for expressing my creative side whether it is writing, drawing, painting, floral design, or occasionally sculpting. My garret is the perfect place to work, although I don’t think of these things as anything but pleasurable hobbies.

    Being the daughter of a mother with amazing textile abilities, and a father who earned his living as a professional artist, I grew up with an appreciation for art on a deeper level than most people. I was also encouraged to express myself in any art forms I found interesting.

    I spent part of my young adult years as a commercial artist, and learned at a young age it’s very hard to provide for your family with pencils, ink, and paint. Thus, I pursued other ways to creatively earn a living trough cosmetology, floral design and teaching others about those topics.

    As a senior citizen and only working part-time, I have more time to devote to my artistic creations.

    When writing, I don’t have to drag out all the tools and supplies needed for my other pursuits. All I need is paper and pen. This comes in handy when an idea pops into my head, saves lots of time and cleanup, and words can paint a very powerful picture.

    I’ve been writing poetry off and on since I was a child. Since joining the Ouachita Writers Guild, I’ve tried my hand at short stories. It’s fun being part of a group that shares one of my interests and offers such helpful suggestions and encouragement.

    I hope you enjoy my selections for this year.