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  • Michele Jackson

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    I am fairly new to the world of creating art but I am loving the journey. I retired in 2014, and in 2019 while on vacation a watercolor artist in a gallery caught my eye. She painted landscapes with a simplistic style. I decided to try my hand at watercolors and wanted to mimic her style. As it turns out, I cannot paint in her style at all so instead I’ve developed my own style. I truly enjoy seeing an image come to life on paper. I work from photographs and I am drawn to images with interesting color, textures, and details. Often a painting goes through an “ugly stage” but with patience, perseverance, and more layers hopefully a lovely painting will result. My analytical background lends itself to problem solving and trying new techniques. I have just scratched the surface with learning about art, watercolor, and painting techniques in general. I enjoy the learning process, and look forward to many years of learning, experimenting, and painting.

  • Earlene Rasmussen

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    Hey there! My name is Earlene Rasmussen. I have been with the Mena Art Gallery since January of 2016. Sam Tobias was instrumental in encouraging me to join the Art Gallery. One day he came to talk to me about joining. He saw my artwork from the 2015 fair and was interested. He went home and was back in one half hour with registration form in hand for me to join. I have been here ever since. What prompted me at first to turn to art was what happened to me in 2013. I became very ill with an electrolyte imbalance, which nearly killed me. I was in a coma for a week at a Hot Springs hospital. As I was coming out of the horrific ordeal, I realized I needed something to captivate my mind so I could get through the terrible anxiety and depression and fear caused by my illness. So I prayed to God to give me something that would totally get me so involved I couldn’t think about myself or my illness. Of course, it was God that was healing me anyway and leading me through all of this and in this direction. Well “art” was what I needed. But I didn’t know how to draw or paint. But I thought I have a Big God and he can draw and paint with me. So, God has been helping me and so have the beautiful ladies at the Gallery with their encouragement. The Mena Art Gallery has saved my life, but I give God the glory. Earlenne

  • Tiffany Lane

    9 photos

    After many years focused on her real estate professional, in 2014 Tiffany Lane picked up a set of pastels that she hadn’t touched since her first year of college in 1987. A self-taught artist, Tiffany has since accumulated several national awards and regularly completes commissioned pieces. A member of the Arkansas Pastel Society and the Southeast Pastel Society, she is also a Signature Member of Southwest Artists. “Bringing my subjects to life and transforming a two-dimensional paper into something that breathes, excites me. Pastels allow me the freedom to work quickly, so as not to hinder the muse within. Speaking to my subjects while I work allows a relationship to develop between the painting and myself, leading to a better representation of what I believe to be the truest nature of the subject. Realism is my passion, though I often see colors that ‘aren't there,’ driving me to paint with intensity. Capturing the reality of the world and bringing out magnificence that might be overlooked in a casual glance is my intention through art. I am determined to utilize my gift in order to bring forth beauty in a lasting way.”

  • Carolyn MacMahon

    9 photos

    Award winning artist Carolyn MacMahon loves to paint beautiful things: flowers, dreamy landscapes, English cottages, puppies, children... and much more. She does custom paintings for people using their own children, pets, homes, colors, ideas.

    She lives in Mena, Arkansas, with her English husband, Dr. Tom MacMahon, in a storybook stone cottage, much like the ones she paints. Her paintings have been shown in galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Little Rock, Arkansas, and her clients are all over the US and England.

    She has an art degree from Washington School of Art, LaSalle University, and has studied under various artists.

  • Cynthia Thanos-Wade

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    Cynthia Thanos-Wade’s artist and colorist’s current focus is on two projects: “Medium is the Magic” and “Imagination Series 1: Tiles”. Cynthia’s business is and she can be found on Facebook. She has placed 1st Place Best Works on Canvas and received two 2nd Place awards at the Ouachita Expressions Show here in Mena. With continuing health issues Cynthia sees art as her salvation. Keeping a creative mind transcends everyday life and its troubles. She surrounds herself with displays of art and her beloved five rescue dogs. She lives on forty acres with an abundance of natural beauty. She feels blessed to live here in Arkansas!

  • Susan Sebren

    9 photos

    I lived and worked in Houston, Texas for fifty years before retiring and moving to Mena, Arkansas in August of 2006. I was born in the north and my family moved to Houston when I was about a year old, so I learned to walk in Texas and always considered myself a Southerner.

    Now that I am retired I have more time to make art and attending art day at The Mena Art Gallery I have learned so much from the talented artists here in Mena. I love animals and a lot of my art reflects this, but do a little bit of everything.

  • Henry Moreno

    8 photos

    Henry has been painting since boyhood and has been accepted into a multitude of juried shows. He has won numerous awards and has been represented by galleries is several states. He feels that the “People’s Choice” Awards are the only important ones. He wants people to acquire his paintings because they like them, not because of his “credentials” or the awards he has received.

    He moved to Mena in 2008. He has been a full time professional artist for over 20 years, but now has phased out of galleries, though he still likes to do commissions, coach artists and provide private lessons occasionally.

    He is a long time member of the American Watercolor Society, a Juried Member of Oil Painters of America, a past President Elect and Signature Member of the North Carolina Watercolor Society, a member of the Mena Art Gallery and now serves on the Board of the Southwest Artist

  • Jim Brace

    9 photos

    Jim Brace is a widely collected artist living and working in Polk County Arkansas. Interests include painting, music, and steel sculpture.

    "There's art that you look at, and there's art that you think at. Looks like that's what I think."

  • Lorraine Timmerman

    7 photos

    I was drawn to art and nature from a very early age. I loved to spend time walking, searching for small animals to capture and take home as pets. Indoors, I spent a lot of time doing arts and crafts.

    Though having little formal art training, by college my drawing skills allowed me to do scientific illustration for professors while earning a degree in biology. So most of my early work was done in graphite and pen and ink. I loved seeing the 3-d image emerge from the blank page. During my teaching career, I took some art classes, but I was not attracted to painting. Then I was introduced to botanical illustration using transparent watercolor. I was hooked. Its subtilty and simplicity appealed to me just as drawing had. For the same reason, I seem to be attracted to the smaller plants and animals that are often overlooked by the casual observer. Simplicity is also present in my method of painting. I prefer to use a small number of pigments and mix the colors I need. I find I can paint more realistic plants this way.

    I am presently painting the wildflowers and wildlife found near my home in Polk County, Arkansas. I hope that my paintings will encourage in others a love of nature and help them to appreciate the beauty of the small, wild things around them.

  • Susan Gibson

    8 photos

    Susan Gibson has lived in Arkansas since 1995, in Jonesboro, Batesville, Heber Springs, and has now lived in Mena since 2006. She has specialized in watercolor since 2005 and has earned her Signature with Mississippi Watercolor Society (MSWS). She has associate memberships in the following Watercolor Societies and is close to obtaining signature in several: American Watercolor Society (AWS); National Watercolor Society (NWS); Mid-Southern Watercolor Association (MSW); Missouri Watercolor Society (MOWS); Mississippi Watercolor Society (MSWS); Southern Watercolor Society (SWS); Watercolor Art Society - Houston (WAS-H). Her paintings have been judged and selected for major exhibitions across the country by American and National Watercolor Society Signature Members such as Don Andrews, John Salmine, Judi Coffey, Judi Betts, Eric Wiegardt, Kathleen Conover, and Cheng-Khee Chee, and has received instruction from other AWS and NWS Signatured Painters such as Frank Francese, Joseph Fettingis and Soon Warren.

    Although Susan has painted all her life, she has acquired most of her skills through independent study and private instruction in America and Europe. It is her goal to study, grow, and mature within her profession. Further goals include entering major publication contests, and continued submission to national and international exhibitions aimed toward accumulation of other Signatures.

    When describing Susan and her art, one must use the word passionate. Susan said, "I am inspired by all beauty around me, people, nature, and still life, and am attracted by all their complexities. It is my most inner desire to capture the essence of an object. To capture that "oh so illusive extra something" that will take a painting from just good to special. I want the viewer to experience some kind of response, either emotional or physical, and to make a connection with me, the artist, my feelings and visions." Her skilled use of clean, vivid, transparent, multilayer of glazed color, has allowed her to create a body of work that should be seen to be appreciated.