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  • Robert C Mallory

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    Maker of wearable jewelry art and more. I am a Silversmith, Goldsmith, and a carver of all mediums, I do Custom Design work With my impeccable standards , each piece of jewelry and folk art is created entirely by my own hand. My studio is located in the high Ouachita Mountains. You are always welcome to view my wares and a visit to my work studio. You can order all Mallory Originals on line. From the valley of the Kings a true artisan was born, and with the skill of the hands passed down through their lineage. And with that power I have created and charged my work of wearable art with that Magic. A hand branded MALLORY ORIGINAL handcrafted in the Americas

  • Jane Brace

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    Jane has been making her pine needle creations since 2002 when she moved to her home in the Ouachita Mountain area. Taking simple pine needles from nature and making something beautiful and useful is what keeps her making these one-of-a-kind vessels that cannot be mass produced.

    In the Native American art of pine needle basket weaving, she seeks out contemporary shapes in an attempt to further advance this very old art form.

    Needles are hand picked, cleaned, coiled, woven, and carefully coaxed into shapes that are often functional and pleasing in design.