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  • Trey Youngdahl

    9 photos

    Trey Youngdahl is a photographer hailing from Mena, Arkansas. After showing an interest in photography while attending Kiamichi Technical College for Graphic Design, concert photojournalist Jared Wingate took him under his wing and taught him photography. As a personal student of Jared Wingate, you can seriously tell the inspiration behind a lot of Trey's most popular photos. For instance, the one called "Lilah" (the one with the girl covering her face); that's a concept that Jared himself created and, fittingly, the model in the photo is none other than Lilah Wingate, Jared's daughter!

  • Ann Glenn

    9 photos

    In earlier years, my photographs have been used primarily for record keeping and as illustrations for the occasional article I published about our cruising adventures as we sailed around the world in our small yacht. That was before the days of digital photography, and our extremely limited budget of $90/month, only allowed for one or two rolls of film. My original idea was that I would supplement that with sketches, because paper and pencil were cheap, weren't they? Unfortunately, my artistic skills never matched my ambitions, and the sketch books never materialized.

    I have always enjoyed taking pictures, and with the development of digital photography, I am rarely without my camera. The resulting photos have been used to illustrate the newsletters and trip reports shared with an ever-growing list of charter guests, family and friends. Until we moved to Mena in 2008, I had little opportunity to hang my pictures; neither the boat nor our cottage in St. John, Virgin Islands, had much wall space! Now, I have begun considering my photos for their artistic qualities. It has been fun to enlarge them and be "hung with the best" in Gallery Shows. I have enjoyed some small successes, entering them there and in out-of-town competitions: Polk County and State Fairs, among others.

  • Patricia Trulock

    11 photos

    I was born and mostly raised in Fresno,California, although I did travel a bit in Europe and the US as my father was in the Air Force. I now live in Mena and have been here since 1979.

    I got my first camera, a Kodak Brownie when I was about 11, and I have been snapping pictures every since.

    I have been married to Dean since 1969, we have two children and 7 grandchildren. I enjoy traveling and now that I have retired hope to do more of it. I have just built a new studio so if I'm not out taking pictures I am editing them in my studio.

    I joined the Gallery a few years ago and enjoy displaying my work there and seeing the work of others.